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PLUS get your own cloud-based logbook, earn points and level up, build a virtual airline,
manage pax & crew during your flights, access websites with your in-sim web browser,
organise group flights, fly daily challenges, live chat & lots more.

Free & Premium plans available.
For Microsoft Flight Simulator®, Prepar3D®, X-Plane 10® & X-Plane 11® on PC's running Microsoft Windows.


What is SimBuddy?

SimBuddy connects users of Microsoft Flight Simulator®, Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® AND Laminar Research's X-Plane® to a single, live, moving map.

It doesn’t matter if you fly on VATSim, IVAO, FSCloud, on a private server or any other online multiplayer service.

SimBuddy enables you to easily connect with other SimBuddy members, even if they fly a different network to you.

Scroll down to find out more or sign up for FREE trial (no credit card required) and try it for yourself.

Realtime Moving Map & Live Flight Stats in your web browser

See your flight stats and other SimBuddy members in your web browser or on your tablet or mobile device.

Click on an aircraft and see exactly what other Simbuddy members are doing in realtime. Keep track of your speed, altitude, heading, flight times, distances and more. You can also see who's broadcasting on Twitch.

Automatic flight tracking & flight log

SimBuddy automatically tracks and stores every flight you perform. Every flight is automatically stored in the cloud enabling you to access all your flights on any PC, Tablet or mobile device.

After a successful flight, SimBuddy auto-updates your flight log book with an interactive route map and comprehensive flight performance stats.

SimBuddy also provides a flight summary of every trip and gives you a final score based on your overall performance. Use your logbook to track your performance and keep track of your flying ability by monitoring your trends and how you compare to other SimBuddy pilots. See if you can be the top pilot for each route you fly.


Create your own Virtual Airline (Alpha)

SimBuddy VA gives you a purpose to fly and something to aim for.

Fly with friends or on your own. As you fly more routes, you'll earn more virtual money. Recruit SimBuddy pilots to fly for your airline, purchase more hubs, buy aircraft and grow your airline PLUS you'll continue to earn SimBuddy points at the same time.

You can find out more about the SimBuddy Virtual Airline here.

In-Sim Passenger and Crew Management (Alpha)

SimBuddy Inflight is an exciting new in-sim feature that enables you to manage your virtual airline passengers and crew during your flights.

Make sure your cabin is prepared for take off and landing, keep your passengers and crew safe by flying carefully, make sure they're seated during take off, landing and turbulence, play music to keep them relaxed, ensure your passengers are fed and watered and keep them occupied with in-flight entertainment. Watch out for those in-flight emergancies! Handle them well and you will be rewarded.

You can find out more about the SimBuddy Inflight here.

Daily challenges, earn points & level up

SimBuddy gives you a purpose to fly - if you fly well and put in the hours, you will be rewarded and promoted.

SimBuddy is great for pilots who fly VFR or IFR. Fancy flying to new airports? Take part in our daily flight challenges - flights are updated every 24 hours.

In-Sim web browser, moving map & note pad

Access your favourite websites, notes and view your location without leaving your flight sim.

Now you can easily view online navigation charts, look up TAFs, METARS, watch YouTube videos or manage your virtual airline at 35,000ft using the SimBuddy Inflight Web Browser. You can also pre-load your favourite websites and save bookmarks too.

Keep your flight plans, routes and other notes close to hand with the SimBuddy Notepad.

Stay up to date with your flight progress using the SimBuddy Moving Map.

PLUS easily access all these great new features from the SimBuddy Quick Launcher.

Flight generator

Fed up of flying to the same airports? SimBuddy's Flight Generator will help you find new and exciting airports to fly to.

You can generate flights by specifiying distance, country, your favourite hub, airport size or if you really can't decide, SimBuddy will pick a completely random route for you.



More great features

Live chat, private groups and more

SimBuddy is web-based so it can be used as a live moving map on your desktop or tablet.

Easy to use

SimBuddy has been designed to be as simple as possible. Register, install the SimBuddy client, log in and your good to go.

Fast Data Updates

The majority of SimBuddy data is transfered as it happens. Premium accounts display updates and stats every 3 seconds.


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