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What is SimBuddy VA?

SimBuddy VA allows users of Microsoft Flight Simulator®, Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® AND Laminar Research's X-Plane® to create and manage their own Virtual Airline.

SimBuddy VA gives you a purpose to fly and something to aim for. Fly with friends or on your own. As you fly more routes, you'll earn more virtual money. Recruit SimBuddy pilots to fly for your airline, purchase more hubs, buy aircraft and grow your airline PLUS you'll continue to earn SimBuddy points at the same time.

Manage your passengers in-sim using SimBuddy Inflight - a brand new passenger and crew manager that works with FSX, P3D and X-Plane!


Introducing SimBuddy Inflight

SimBuddy Inflight is an exciting new in-sim feature that enables you to manage your virtual airline passengers and crew during your flights.

Make sure your cabin is prepared for take off and landing, keep your passengers and crew safe by flying carefully, make sure they're seated during take off, landing and turbulence, play music to keep them relaxed, ensure your passengers are fed and watered and keep them occupied with in-flight entertainment. Watch out for those in-flight emergancies! Handle them well and you will be rewarded.

How you operate each flight has an impact on your virtual airline reputation so make sure you look after your passengers and crew - they're a vocal bunch and they will use your social feed to tell you exactly what they think.

General Aviation is also supported with a scaled down version of SimBuddy Inflight which removes the need for you to manage passengers and crew.

SimBuddy Inflight is an optional feature so if it's not your thing, you can easily turn it off and operate your airline without it.

Dashboard & Stats

See how your airline is performing, see who's flying on the live departure and arrival board, get valuable passenger feedback from your Social Feed, see how well you're doing against other virtual airline pilots with the leaderboard. Make sure you keep an eye on your finances and monitor those all-important stats.

Route availability is dictated by aircraft location

If you fly from KLAX to KSEA, your aircraft will be permenantly located at KSEA when you land and until you fly the aircraft back to KLAX. Plan your routes and aircraft positioning carefully so your aircraft is in the right place for your next flight.

Choose how much fuel you need and how long your flight will take. Make sure you get it right or passengers will not be happy! If you have SimBuddy Inflight activated, your flight data will be waiting for you in-sim, SimBuddy VA also provides live weather TAF data to help you plan your flight.

Flight data and detailed trip reports

SimBuddy VA provides detailed and comprehensive stats for each and every flight you operate. See where you're going wrong and become a better pilot. You can also view flights operated by pilots who fly with the same airline as you - see how you compare against your fellow SimBuddy's.

Also included are your SimBuddy Inflight stats, a detailed event log of your flight and your financial earnings (or losses!).

Aircraft marketplace

Buy and sell your aircraft at the SimBuddy Marketplace using money you've earnt with your virtual airline - this is a central place across all SimBuddy virtual airlines - if you're lucky you may stumble across a second hand bargain sold by another SimBuddy member.

Set up your routes in seconds

SimBuddy VA is easy-to-use and you'll be up and running very quickly thanks to three easy route generating options.

Generate routes using Real-World Airline routes at the click of a button. You can also create random routes using the Random Route Wizard or if you prefer, add routes manually and build your perfect Virtual Airline. Choose your hub, country, specify the distances youi'd like to fly (great for short or long routes) and SimBuddy will create up to 20 return routes (40 total flights) at once. No more painful laborious route building!

More great features

Desktop & Tablet friendly

SimBuddy is web-based so it can be used as a live moving map on your desktop or tablet.

Easy to use

SimBuddy has been designed to be as simple as possible. Register, install the SimBuddy client, log in and your good to go.

Fast Data Updates

The majority of SimBuddy data is transfered as it happens. Premium accounts display updates and stats every 5 seconds.


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